Rejuvenate Your Skin & Get A Youthful Glow with A Custom Facial

We’ve designed our facial offering with the needs of every person in mind. Whether you suffer from sensitive or oily skin, are looking to combat the signs of aging, or are hoping to treat sun-damaged or hyperpigmentation, we’ve got a special facial just for you.

facial treatment

Soothing Botanical $90

Benefits: Calms, Reduces Redness, & Hydrates
Skin Types: Sensitive and Rosacea-prone

This gentle, therapeutic treatment is specifically formulated for those with sensitive or rosacea-prone skin. Botanical extracts calm irritation and decrease the appearance of redness, while marine-derived ingredients, hydrate and firm.

Signature ABP $100

Benefits: Exfoliates, Unclogs Pores, & Anti-inflammatory
Skin Types: Acne-prone

ABP = AHA + BHA + Pumpkin Enzyme
This triple-action exfoliating treatment unclogs pores, rids the skin of excess oils, and stimulates circulation using AHAs, BHAs, and natural fruit enzymes. Acne calming and anti-inflammatory green tea extract, reduces redness and protects the skin from environmental damage.

Make it an Electrical Facial for only $10 more.

Replenishing $105

Benefits: Moisturizing & Firming
Skin Types: Dry and Dehydrated

This intensively hydrating, multi-phased, treatment replenishes the skin’s own moisture barrier with bio-identical lipids and boosts oxygen consumption on a cellular level for a brighter, firmer, healthier appearance.

Brightening $110

Benefits: Moisturizing, Clarifying, & Evening
Skin Types: Sun-damaged and Hyperpigmented

Reduce the signs of sun damage and even your skin’s tone with this effective brightening treatment. Hyperpigmentation-focused ingredients instantly enhance skin clarity, shield against skin darkening free-radicals, and reduce melanin formation to create a healthier, more vibrant, appearance.

Antioxidant Urban Defense $115

Benefits: Repairing
Skin Types: Damaged or Urban-living

This pollution fighting treatment, enriched with free-radical shielding agents, focuses on repairing skin damaged by environmental exposure and the urban environment. Recommended for those who spend a lot of time outdoors or live in an urban area.

Sea Firm $115

Benefits: Anti-aging, Firming, & Exfoliating
Skin Types: Aging

Fight the signs of aging with this powerful anti-aging treatment. Firming marine peptides, gentle exfoliation, and replenishing lipids improve overall complexion by minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increasing moisture retention, and speeding up cell turnover for more vibrant, younger looking skin.

Make it an Electrical Facial for only $10 more.

Booty “Facial” $150

Benefits: Exfoliating, Toning, & Hydrating
Skin Types: Rough & Acne-prone

The gluteus maximus is the most used part of the body, and yet, it is widely neglected. Don’t forget to give your booty a little TLC with this hydrating and toning treatment that smooths rough skin and incorporates high-frequency to treat acne. For a bikini-ready bum, schedule yourself a Booty “Facial” today. (women only)

Add Custom Spray Tan for only $15 more.

Brazilian Vagacial $90

Our Brazilian followed by a cleanse, steaming, extractions, and mask. Meant to treat in-grown hairs, blackheads, remove dead skin cells, prevent acne, and maintain healthy, hydrated skin. (women only)

Facial Peel $30
Galvanic Current $10
High-frequency $10

Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be You!