professional eyelash extensions

Get Beautiful & Professional Eyelash Extensions

Professional eyelash extensions are individual strands of lash applied to each natural lash, giving you the appearance of fuller, more desirable eye lashes.

Classic & Volume Lash Extensions

Classic Semi-Permanent Full Set

Starting at $160

Volume Semi-Permanent Full Set

Starting at $200

Hybrid Full Set

Starting at $180

Eyelash Refills

Classic Lash
2 Week Refill $45+
3 Week Refill $65+
Volume Lash
2 Week Refill $65+
3 Week Refill $85+
Hybrid Lash
2 Week Refill $55+
3 Week Refill $75+

Party Lashes $25

Professionally applied temporary strip lashes. Washable and reusable.

Lash Extension Removal $35

Keratin Lash Lift and Tint $150

Our keratin lash lift is described as “a perm for your lashes” that lasts 6-8 weeks. Perfect for those who don’t want to fuss with extensions or can’t have them. You can wear mascara, go scuba-diving, do your very worst, and these puppies stay curled. Even after you go to town taking your makeup off, your lashes bounce right back up and into formation. Our tint gives you the look of mascara without the raccoon eyes!

Lash Tint $20

Darken your lashes to add drama to your eyes. Doesn’t wash off like mascara and lasts 2-3 weeks.

Brow Tinting $30 (starting at)

Eyebrow tinting helps “barely there” brows to achieve a bolder look that can redefine the whole face. Eyebrow tinting typically lasts between two and three weeks. When hair falls out, so does the tint.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average full set eyelash extension appointment lasts about 2 hours.

Lashes come in a variety of lengths, curves, and thickness in order for your licensed technician to customize a look that matches your desired appearance.

When applied properly by a licensed technician, neither the extension lash, nor the glue, should touch the eyelid.

The bond is designed to last until your natural lashes shed. Extension lashes may shed sooner if you use oil-based makeup remover or rub your eyes regularly, as oil weakens the bond between the glue and the lash. Your eyelash extensions should last between 4-6 weeks.

Yes. To keep your eyelashes full, we recommended a monthly refill.

Eyelash extensions are waterproof and give the appearance of having on mascara. You shouldn’t need to add makeup to your lash extensions.

After getting new eyelash extensions, you should receive detailed information on how to care them. However, aftercare is a simple process. Avoid rubbing your eyes or wearing mascara. Instead, use oil-free makeup removal wipes & eyelid cleanser. Don’t pull at the extensions, and avoid water for at least 24 hours while the glue sets; this includes swimming, steam rooms, sweating, etc. We recommend receiving refills every 4-6 weeks to keep the fuller look you’ll experience after your initial appointment. You’ll receive a complimentary disposable mascara wand to use periodically to brush your eyelashes, as they tend to twist and turn when they grow out or get wet.

Quite some time ago, we had to make the decision to respectfully decline refills on lash extensions that weren’t our work and we wanted to explain the main reason behind why we did this.

We know it’s disappointing and difficult for clients when they try to change technicians, as many reputable salons have a similar policy in place, most likely for similar reasons to us.

And the reason is basically this… the eyelash extension industry is an unregulated one; meaning that unfortunately it’s saturated with technicians that have had no training or poor training, are using outdated methods or, they simply don’t care about ensuring your well being.

When we had previously accepted refill work which hadn’t been ours, the outcome was frequently upsetting for both the client and us, because in most cases the extensions weren’t in a condition that we were able to work with and either, we didn’t have enough time available to remove the old lashes and deliver a great set, or, we had a client leaving devastated with the news that their natural lashes had been damaged – many times too scared to EVER try lash extensions again.

This is not the experience we want you to leave our salon with.

At Body Glow New York we look forward to the day of a regulated industry so that everyone can experience eyelash extensions the way they should be. But for now, we focus on doing our part to improve the industry standards by responsibly delivering damage free lashes that you love and promoting lash wellness. We invest in the ongoing education of our lash technicians to ensure that we’re using the safest techniques, so that our clients can enjoy their eyelash extensions for many years to come.

LASH EXTENSION POLICY: Because lash extensions require such gentle and strict maintenance requirements, we are unable to guarantee your lashes. We regret that services, or gift certificates purchased are absolutely non-refundable. This applies to all services. We are unable to offer refunds on any services we have already executed. If you are unhappy with your lash service, please contact us within 2 days (48 hours) and we will fix it to your satisfaction at no extra charge. This is a policy we’re proud to offer you.

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